"Nok Research Station Janjala"
The building constructions of the Nok Research Station Janjala started in 2009. Janjala is a small village, about 160 km to the north of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. In the camp are living quarters, sanitations, a kitchen as well as rooms for working and relaxing to make stays for several month possible. The Research Station is located in the centre of the key study area and is a contact address for locals, who want to inform themselves about the Nok culture or discovered new sites.
Every year other academics join the team. Start of the building constructions 2009.
Returning from the excavation. The camp in the afternoon.
Visitors of the German Embassy. Having a break.
The Nigerian Field Society watching the removal of a find. The king of Kagarko.
The Nigerian Press and the former Director General of the NCMM. Excavation team.
Information board of the excavations in Utak Kamuan Garaje Kagoro. Introducing locals about our work in the eponym village Nok.